We match fitting models to suit the specific and diverse needs of our client’s in the fashion and textile industry. Peach fitting models are proficient for numerous types of fittings including shoe, outer wear, lingerie and presentation.

At Peach our models are professional and experienced and any new models are trained in ‘fit modelling’ to a high standard before working for any client. The service we offer starts with the booking, however we also provide a package that will oversee the client and the model to the completion of the job. We can assist with travel arrangements, model cover (if required) and will efficiently, support both parties for each job to be well planned, coordinated and to run as professional and smoothly as possible.

With 20 years’ experience as a fitting model herself, the company’s founder Sarah has worked in London, New York, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Colombo, Copenhagen and numerous locations in China. She has also worked for several fashion labels in purchasing and sales, distributing to some of Britain’s major stores including Harrods, Fenwicks and Selfridges. This experience assists Sarah to provide a high level and breadth of service having had direct experience as both the model and the client.

Some examples of the companies Sarah and Peach fitting models have worked with are:
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  • company-6
  • company-7
  • company-8
  • company-9
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